ServersCheck launches at Cebit Australia its new wireless sensors to monitor temperature in server rooms and data centers

Sydney, May 28 2013 – ServersCheck, a Belgian company specializing in monitoring the availability and the performance of IT infrastructure, is currently exhibiting with Duons Australia at CeBIT in Sydney to launch and showcase its new wireless temperature sensor. ServersCheck’s equipment is used by more than 5000 customers worldwide from large enterprises to thousands of SME’s.

Popular Environmental Probes

ServersCheck markets its SensorGateway which is an IP temperature sensor.  The unit has a built-in web server and SNMP agent for remote administration.  It can send out alerts via email and SMS. 

ServersCheck SensorGateway is one of the least expensive IP and SNMP temperature sensors on the market, up to 30% cheaper than the competition.   Each SensorGateway can be extended with up to 2 external probes that connect via standard network cables to the base unit.

ServersCheck ‘s wired external probes monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, shock, flooding, power failure and dry contacts. They are deployed in server rooms and data centers. However they can also be found in places where environmental monitoring is crucial, like in cold rooms, factories, hospitals, warehouses and etc...

ServersCheck’s next  generation revolutionary wireless temperature sensor

At this week's CeBIT 2013, ServersCheck launches with its distributor, Duons Australia, a new generation of probes: the “wireless temperature probes”. 

Best practices recommend to monitor the temperature inside a rack in 3 different spots.  This can be achieved with 2 external temperature probes connected to a SensorGateway, which also has its built-in temperature sensor.

However, thanks to the new wireless sensor, one SensorGateway can now control up to 30 wireless temperature sensors, or 10 racks.  

A wireless temperature sensor can monitor temperature between -10 °C to + 85°C with an accuracy of 0.5 °C.  A wireless sensor requires no configuration: once powered it automatically connects to the wireless base station.  Wireless sensors have a battery life of one year.

Wireless Offers Significant Advantages

  • The ServersCheck wireless temperature sensor is more compact compared to traditional wired temperature sensors and therefore easier to install with the use of magnets.
  • No wiring is needed, simplifying the installation, requiring less labor and speeding up implementation.
  • The shortage of IP addresses or their cost may hinder the deployment of conventional wired probes. With these wireless sensors, only one IP address per 30 probes is needed.

Maarten Van Laere, founder and CEO of ServersCheck, concludes: "The environmental supervision is crucial to monitor the availability of IT systems in server rooms. This technology must be accessible to all. For this reason, we developed a flexible and modular solution affordable for any budget. Our sensors combined with our centralized infrastructure monitoring software, ServersCheck offers the cheapest and richest in features solution on the market. “

ServersCheck will be present at CeBIT, booth F16 of Duons Australia.

For more information on the Australia exhibition being held from May 28 to 30 2013 in Sydney (Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre), feel free to visit

About ServersCheck

In 2003 ServersCheck started as a software company specializing network monitoring software. In the 10 years since its inception, ServersCheck has been leading the way in innovation.  Today ServersCheck has grown to a multinational company with a global footprint specialized in Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) solutions.

ServersCheck manufactures software and hardware to monitor the availability and performance of the infrastructure of data centers & server rooms. ServersCheck’s solution goes beyond infrastructure monitoring and can also be used to monitor the availability and performance of the network, servers, systems and even applications.  With ServersCheck companies can monitor their entire server room or data center from one single application.

The modular design by ServersCheck enables companies of any size (from small & medium companies to enterprises) to deploy DCIM solutions at a fraction of competing vendors. Based on Gartner studies, ServersCheck DCIM solution for monitoring a rack costs a mere 0.5% of the annual cost of a Wintel rack.

Its award winning products are being used by more than 5000 customers around the world; from small companies looking for a cost effective solution to monitor a few racks, to large companies looking to monitor entire data centers.

About Duons MCO Pty Ltd

Duons works with major clients on the conception, deployment and maintenance of their complex technology assets.  We also help test, warehouse, transport, repair and refurbish these assets.  Here in Australia, we have a particular focus on radio technology and high end electronics.  We list companies such as Telstra, Telecom NZ, ASKO, FERM, Boeing, OPT New Caledonia, Australian Customs  and many more as our clients.  Duons is the distributor of ServersCheck’s and Runcom’s products in Australia.


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